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Whether you need help in managing your taxes or analyzing your company's financial condition, FinTAcS offers you the assistance and support you need through our varied services.

About Us

About Us

Our Mission
At FinTAcS, our mission is to assist our clients in meeting financial challenges and planning ahead for an even better future. Our professionals are dedicated to meeting this by exhibiting highest proficient level and professionalism.

Our company has been established to provide unwavering financial guidance to individuals and businesses in different industries. We do our best to continuously render professional, reliable, and high-quality services personalized to meet the varying needs of each client we serve.

Our expertise covers a vast set of scenarios. We have services that focus on basic accounting and tax management. At the same time, we also render services that require in-depth skills such as financial analysis and planning, audits, budgeting and more. We are confident that we can offer these services to you with a high degree of excellence because we have a competent and knowledgeable staff composed of professional accountants, financial advisers, and tax experts.

We will be glad to team up with you in ensuring that your company gets the financial goals that you have set for success. If you are ready to partner with us, give us a call at 862-946-1706 or +4407368 420 917.