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Whether you need help in managing your taxes or analyzing your company's financial condition, FinTAcS offers you the assistance and support you need through our varied services.

Our Services

Our Services

Our firm specializes in providing tax services to our clients. We understand your need to manage your taxation processes including the preparation and filing of your tax returns. We will guide you and your business to become fully in compliance with the tax rules set by the Internal Revenue Service.

Taxation can be challenging but with our guidance, tax return preparation, filing and general tax planning will be a breeze for you and your team.

At FinTAcS, we strive hard to deliver quality professional services to our clients all the time. We take a look at your needs and address them through thorough planning and provision of a wide array of services.

Tax Management Services
Our tax experts can help you in managing your taxes and making sure that you are paying the right amounts.
Assurance and Advisory Services
We provide assurance on how your business is performing in a financial perspective. We also provide advice with regards to improving the financial performance of your business.
Estate and Trust Planning and Tax Preparation
Our professionals will help you plan in advance to ensure your estate costs are lesser. We also assist you in preparing the taxes associated with this scenario.
IRS Representation
We represent taxpayers who are dealing with ongoing issues with the IRS such as those who are being audited for the first time.
Entity Selection and Restructuring
When setting up a business, we assist you in determining which entity to opt for. Whether it is a partnership or a corporation, our professionals will be able to help you with the selection and restructuring procedures.
Payroll Services
Our accountants will take over the preparation of payroll for your employees so that you can get back to overlooking your business operations.
Financial Projections and Forecasts
We can help you analyze financial data and create projections and forecasts that will help you make informed financial decisions about your business.
Debt and Finance Advising
Our experienced financial advisers will assist you on how to minimize debt and take control of your finances.
Accounting Services
We have Certified Public Accountants who are ready to take on the accounting responsibilities of your business.
Financial Reporting
With this service, we will prepare various kinds of reports that will help you get a better look at the financial position of your company.
Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting
We have competent accountants who can gather and compile information relating to the valuation of economic damages arising from an existing litigation.
We help maintain your financial business information, especially accounting transactions. We handle various bookkeeping tasks on your company’s behalf.
Computer Software Consulting
Our specialists are knowledgeable experts in computer software. We can teach you how computer software works and more!
QuickBooks Accounting Help and Assistance
We will assist you in learning Quickbooks further and how to effectively use this accounting software package.
Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis
Our accountants can help track your company’s cash flow and evaluate the financial condition of your company based on the information gathered. We can use the same data to analyze budgets for future use.
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Sales
We can assist companies that are planning to merge into one or those interested in acquiring other companies for expansion.

We cater to the needs of individuals and businesses alike. If you need further clarification on any of the services mentioned above, we strongly encourage you to call us at 862-946-1706 or +4407368 420 917.