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Whether you need help in managing your taxes or analyzing your company's financial condition, FinTAcS offers you the assistance and support you need through our varied services.

Tax Management Services

Tax Management Services

Our team at FinTAcS can provide tax services that will make preparation and filing tax returns easy, accurate and smooth.

Accurate tax preparation and its subsequent filing are the primary tasks that are usually being investigated and looked into by the experts at IRS. This is due to rampant erroneous and fraudulent tax filings of corporations and individuals. As a devoted citizen of this country, we are certain that you would not like to be in the long queue of entities under the investigation of the IRS.

Many people, civilians, and accountants alike find the preparation of tax returns highly intricate. There are a substantial number of rules specifically relating to the preparation of taxes.

Apart from assistance in the preparation of tax returns, we can also provide you with other relevant tax services. We offer the following services to our valued clients:

  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Filing of necessary tax returns
  • Monitoring of tax liabilities and payment schedules
  • General Tax Mapping and Planning
  • Basic Consultation Services
  • Full-Service Bookkeeping

Our tax mapping and tax scheduling matrix is part of a comprehensive tax planning program that will ensure that you pay your taxes on-time thus avoiding unnecessary penalties from late filing and payment. This tax plan will also help you identify areas that you can focus on to reduce your tax liabilities to a significant level. All this is done within the provisions of the law.

We also offer services for a variety of cases involving the IRS. Should you have questions, please feel free to call us at 249-499-0588.